Sketch Comedy Track

The Ape sketch comedy track is for individuals seeking comprehensive training on writing and performing sketch comedy.

Our belief is that the best sketch comedy starts with solid acting and strong writing. Through our track, participants will study the craft of comedic acting and character development as well as the art of sketch writing. Our goal is to train students to become well rounded sketch artists – performers, writers, directors and producers of the craft, creating smart, provocative and engaging comedy.


Level 1: Sketch Comedy Basics
This class introduces the basics of how to write comedic sketches, including finding the funny of your sketch, writing in different formats (commercial parody, topical, etc.).  Weekly classes will cover writing sketch comedy monologues and scenes, sketch comedy acting and working as an ensemble. This class is open to all students with an interest in writing and performing sketch comedy.
Number of class sessions:  6
Length of each class:  3 hours
Price:  $250;  Early Bird Discount $200
Prerequisite: None

Level 2: Performance and Writing
8 weeks plus a student showcase

Performance: We will explore the difference between internal and external character creation, vocal work and physicality. Learn the power of character specificity, motivated movement and detailed choices.
Writing: Building on the skills learned in Level 1, students will write monologues and scenes from characters and ideas developed in performance training.  At the end of this course, students will perform their original pieces in front of family and friends.
Students will be expected to write sketches outside of class.
Number of class sessions:  8
Length of each class:  3 hours
Prerequisite: Invitation by Level 1 instructor or private audition.
Price:  $325

Level 3: Sketch comedy ensemble
8 weeks plus 2 sketch comedy performances. 

This class provides students with the opportunity to create a sketch show from the ground up – brainstorming, writing, casting, staging, gathering costumes, set pieces and props, and performing in front of a live audience!  Students work to develop material (both scripted and improvised) for two performances – one after six weeks of class and another at the end of the session. Participation in this class requires an invitation by your Writing Lab instructor.
Students in this class will work together to write an original sketch show. Students will be held to weekly deadlines in order to generate material to be featured in the show. Students will also get the experience of generating material collaboratively with others.
Students will be expected to devote time to writing and rewriting material outside of class. Students will also get the experience of rehearsing, blocking, and producing sketches for the stage.
The culmination of Sketch 301 will be the performance of a sketch show comprised of student-generated material.
Number of class sessions:  9 (includes tech/dress rehearsal for the show)
Length of each class: 3 hours
Prerequisite: Invitation by Level 2 instructor.
Price: $325.00


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