Long-form Improv Track


Level 1: Introduction to Improv  

This class is for the absolute beginner or anyone wanting to go back and dig into the fundamentals of improv. Students will learn the building blocks of improv comedy in a fun and supportive environment.

Through a series of group and individual exercises you will explore basics of improvised scene work, accepting and justifying offers, creating strong characters, building strong relationships, and working with an ensemble.

At The Ape we strive to help every student develop his or her unique comedic voice. That starts here.

There will be a graduation performance at The Ape.

Level 2: Scenework  

In this class students will apply the building blocks they learned in level one to exploring the structure of comedic scenes. Students will practice making strong initiations, getting on the same page quickly, finding the “funny” in a scene and techniques for to exploring and heightening it for greater comic effect. They will deepen their ability to create strong clear environments, play fun, specific characters and learn what to do when you don’t know what to do.

We will continue to explore and encourage each student to develop his or her unique comic voice.

There will be a final graduation performance at The Ape.

Prerequisite: Level 1 “Intro To Improv” or prior teacher approval.

Level 3: Long-form

In this class students will weave together the threads of the previous two levels to create a fully formed long-form improv show.

We will explore three-beat structure, group scenes, making connections and call backs, using editing techniques to heighten the energy, comedy and rhythm of a show.

Students will leave this level understanding how to perform a standard long form structure.

There will be two performances in this class.

Prerequisite: Level 2 and prior teacher approval.

Level 4: Special Elective “The Ape’s Guerrillas”

Improvisers, if you can’t go to New York, or Chicago to learn how to be a great improviser where do you go?

Deeper. You have to decide you are willing to go deeper inside yourself, be willing to truly experiment, make honest discoveries and put it on stage for all to see. Genius is inside us if we are willing to let it out.

Double down on your commitment level get ready to follow the fear wherever it takes you and bring the stories back for the civilians in the audience.

The Ape seeks Portland’s bravest, boldest and most committed improvisers. In this class improvisers will collaborate with a director to create an original Long Form show, rehearse it and put it up for a theatrical run.  This class focuses on commitment and concentration on a single product with the goal of theatrical excellence. This is as much a collaboration as a class and performers will be asked to bring more to the table than in an ordinary improv class. Performers will cross train, incorporating pertinent elements of disciplines including but not limited to traditional acting, sketch, movement/dance, story telling, stand up, and performance art.

8 weeks, 3 rehearsals a week followed by a fully produced theatrical run.

By audition and interview.



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